The Importance Of Optimism In A Pessimistic World

 Some may say optimism is detrimental, it’s a mental blindfold people use to protect their emotions and essentially shield them from reality. I see it differently, much differently. Optimists like myself don’t ignore the very apparent flaws in life, contrary to popular belief, we embrace it. Its the single most effective motivational factor in our push to improve ourselves and society. Our biggest form of opposition arises from those who think we should act within the lines of what they deem pragmatic. They peddle the narrative that we see reality as an illusion, a mental blockade. The truth is, optimists like us realise that what is often purported as reality is no fact, it’s a cage, it’s an opinion that bounds so many to the boring and stagnant lives they live today. Optimists strive to break those walls, break the barriers of what others consider to be realistic, it is the very presence of optimism that has fueled the progression of society for thousands of years and will continue to do so. We must dare to dream, it is important that we never stop dreaming.

The greatest minds and contributors to society had dared to dream, some like a preacher from Atlanta, had even dared to be, may I say presumptuous, in a time of total hostility to his message. It cost him his life; He precariously hung everything on one thing, that one thing was, hope. And even though we have a lot to fix, and a long way to go, things have vastly improved and there is one thing we still carry with us, it’s his message, of hope, it was his audacity to dream. 

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, James Gosling, Tim Berners Lee just to name a few technological juggernauts, all transcended beyond what at the time seemed impossible, they pushed beyond the general perception of realism and what could and could not be done, these are just a few of the people that are the reason for our technological advancements today, all because these men dared to dream and rejected “No” by showing their reality had no bounds.

We can go on for Paragraphs, speaking about people who dared to dream, the influence of optimist in shaping our world today, whether it be in sports, technology, some form of humanitarian fight but time after time we will continually get one message, Pessimism slows our progress, we must have more people with a positive outlook on life, not only for themselves, but for others, we need to stop spreading negative energy and bringing others down, it’s only then that we can advance at the rate we are supposed to. Pessimistic attitudes tend to turn ambition into apathy and pessimistic people usual belittle anyone with drive or anyone who tries to make a difference, the defeatist attitude is toxic.

Right now some of you might be saying, enough with the talk of optimism and how it has helped the the world, I want to know how it can be beneficial to me, specifically. And yes, that’s alright, as much as we might hate to admit it, some human beings are naturally selfish and their first incentive is self preservation, it’s instinctive . Regardless of your motivations, changing your outlook, pushing yourself, transforming yourself into the quintessential “Optimist” has proven to be good for your health, lower your chance of heart disease, and make you generally happier according to several studies. The benefits are undisputable, the path to progress is undisputable. You choose

Please Note: This post was inspired specifically by Senator Bernie Sanders. Though it does not specifically mention him, he was a man that whose ideology was subject to a false equivalence with demogoguery by special interests using the aliases of everyday pragmatists to keep a gullible society in submission so they could benefit themselves 


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